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Hace tiempo que le tenía ganas a la oficina de turismo de Colonia y hoy por fin le he escrito una carta (postal, de las de sello y todo!) contándoles mis experiencias en su tienda on-line. Está en inglés, perdonad que no os la traduzca pero son las 5 menos veinte de la madrugada y aún toi pegada al ordenador :( Perdonad así mismo los errores ortográficos, que hace tiempo que no lo repaso.
To the kind attention of the Cologne Tourism Office Manager,

I have been to Cologne for three times and in these three ocasions I have used the Cologne Wellcome Card. The first time I bougth it at the airport, and the second and third time by your web-site shop. I am an e-business consultant, so I am used to e-shops, and I am not stressed in my daily e-shopping. But with your e-shop, I have found several mistakes that I think you can repair wery easily in order to provide an excellent service to Cologne visitors.

This was my experience the first time I used your e-shop.

First of all, the terms of business were only in german language. I found this aceptable, because, anyway, you are in Germany. But if you have took the inconvenience of traslating all the web-site to english, you could make an effort for the most important thing, I think.

As I was full-filling the personal-data form, I was getting more and more stressed because I was giving my personal data to a non-certified-system. I mean, if you look at the URL bar in your internet browser, you can see that the protocol you are using is http:// where a secure protocol for this kind of transactions is https:// (please, consult your webmaster about this posibility). When I had finally introduced my personal data and pressed the "order" buttom, I was expecting to get to another form where I were asked to tell my VISA Card number (in the conditions terms I thought it was specified that I could pay by this way). Through a secure server, but I got a confirmation page telling me that the order was OK. I just couldn't believe it, but it was like that. (have you thinked of the joke orders you can get with no autenthification request? how much these supposes to your budget? and, if I got the Card but you can not demonstrate I really got it, what will you do if I denegate it? Just think of it for a while, please).

Time passed, about one moth and a half, and Cologne Tourism Office letter arrived to my home box. I opened it and I found the Cologne Wellcome Card. I searched for the or even a sheet of paper telling "thank you for your purchase" or something like that. But the only thing I got was the envelope and the Card. I didn't know how much it was or how to pay it.

About three months later (more or less) another letter from the Cologne Tourism Office with a shopping bill in which I was told I had to pay it before the same day I got the letter! I could not believe it, but the negative impression was increasing for minutes. 'Well', I thought, 'there is no problem because I use on-line banking and I can make the transfer from my home.' But, the worst of all was that you did not specified the IBAN (International Bank Account Number), so it was just impossible to do it from home. I had to loose two working-hours in going to a bank agency and making the transfer. Yes, I have say two hours, because the bank you use is very difficult to find abroad Germany. If you have just wrote down the IBAN in the invoice, or even better, in the first letter you send me, you will not have got me angry with the service.

I wrote you an email telling about these circunstances, but it seems you didn't receive it or just passed it off.

Several months later, my friends and me decided to revisit Cologne in November 2004, so I remembered the problems I had with your e-commerce process, and bought the Cologne Wellcome Card in April. The web-site was the same, so I followed the same steps as the other time. But, here is the best, I got no order-confirmation because, when I pressed the "order" buttom, I just got an 404 error page (contact your webmaster for more information about this error, please). I pressed "back" and again the "order" buttom, but the 404 error page persisted. So, if no confirmation-order page was shown, it meant that the purchase was not made. I just decided to forget your web-site forever, not only because this error, but also because of the previous experience. Believe me: most internet users are not so patient or so kind to tell you about these things. And I can sure you I am not the only Cologne Tourism Office web-site user who experience this bad feel.
I wrote you another email telling about thise circunstances, but it seems you didn't receive it or just passed it off AGAIN.

Sorry, this story has not finished yet, because two months later of this failure order, I receive another letter from you: once again, an envelope and a Wellcome Card.
I looked at the Card and I realised that it was not the type of Card I asked you (48h x 1 person instead of 48h x 3 persons). I just didn't know what to do: to return it, to keep it with me and saying i had never received it, or just letting go. Finally, I chose the last one. And, like the previuos time, the facture arrived three months later telling me I had to pay before the same day I got the letter at my homebox. Once again, I had to loose another two hours to make the transfer. But, here it is that I stop to look at the Card and the invoice closely and I discover that you are telling me that I have to pay for a 48h x 3 when you sent me 48h x 1 !!! Anyway, I payed it fairly.
Look, I can understand one error, even two, but this chain is mostly inacceptable for web commerce (trust me, I am a e-business consultant). I don't know if you will read this letter or not, as well as I don't know if you will follow my little suggestions or if you will laught at me, but please, I will ask you to please confirm me that the two transfer I did are all right. My C.C.C (Customer Acount Number) is ... or the I.B.A.N (International Bank Account Number) for the same account is ES39... 

Thank you for your kind attention and your answer.
Best regards,

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